Rapid delivery for blood, kidneys, and biopsies.

10-minute pickup, GPS tracking, and hospital-trained drivers.


Avol provides a new rapid medical delivery service to ensure faster delivery of blood, kidneys, and biopsies between medical facilities using a novel combination of ground-based drivers and automation. 

The key is simple, transparent, fast deliveries. Some couriers can take up to 4 hours to arrive on-location for pickup, provide limited real-time traceability, and often get confused upon arrival due to the multitude of hospital entrances. Our drivers always arrive within 15 minutes of being called and attach a physical GPS tag to each shipment so you can track your shipments in real-time. With specific customers, we are beginning to roll out drone deliveries for specific routes to reduce transit time by up to 80%. 


Nathan  Poon, PhD


Nate spent the past 10 years building logistics, AI, and mechanical products for logistics operations at Tesla, Amazon, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others. He received his PhD in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley, built/helped build 3 startups from the ground up (1 acquired, 3 still operating) in robotics and AI. His work has been awarded 3rd place at Amazon’s Global Startup Competition, listed as Top 200 EdTech startups globally,  and 1st place at the UC LAUNCH competition. He is the recipient of the 1st place National Occupational Research Agenda award for his PhD research, the Barack Obama President’s Volunteer Award, and Cal Alumni Leadership Award. 


Matthew Sargeant, PhD


Matthew spent the last 14 years building and advising industrial companies and startups. He received his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Cambridge, developing high-speed aerodynamics for SAX40, the revolutionary blended wing body design created for the Silent Aircraft Initiative, a joint Cambridge, MIT, and Boeing project. He's led projects at Qantas, BP, Caterpillar and Spirit Aerosystems and his consulting experience includes 6 years at McKinsey, 4 years as a Partner at Ogilvy Consulting and 2 years as a Partner at Genioo. 



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